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                BORN TO DISCOVER

                30+ YEAR HISTORY

                We are the only biopharmaceutical company led by physician-scientists for our entire, 30+ year history. From our first days, science was and remains our central guiding principle. We continue to invest in groundbreaking technologies and research, and employ strategies that enable our scientists to consistently explore new paths.

                Read a profile of Regeneron Scientist Aynur Hermann
                Read a profile of Regeneron Scientist Xiaobin Xu

                REGENERON LABS

                We are focused on addressing a broad range of serious medical conditions including ophthalmology, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, atopic dermatitis, pain and infectious diseases. Our industry-leading research and development engine enables us to develop all potential drug candidates from within our own labs.

                Our science

                DIVERSE PIPELINE

                Our strategy is to follow the science, rather than limiting our innovations to any one therapeutic area. We are focused on solving the human body's most complex mysteries — from ophthalmology to cancer to inflammation to pain to cardiovascular disease. This includes 20 product candidates in clinical development across multiple therapeutic areas.

                Our pipeline


                Our core capabilities for target discovery and validation are enabled by a series of Regeneron-invented technologies that accelerate, improve and disrupt the traditional drug discovery and development process. Collectively, these technologies represent some of the most valuable biotechnologies ever created, and aid our efforts to continuously accelerate the average timeline from discovery to drug approval.

                See how we're raising the bar

                • VelociGene
                • VelociMouse
                • VelocImmune
                • VelociMab
                • VelociT
                • VelociHum
                • VelociGene
                • VelocImmune
                • VelociT
                • VelociMouse
                • VelociMab
                • VelociHum


                Meet George

                Meet Vishal

                Meet Jean

                Meet John

                Meet Petra

                GENETICS CENTER

                We have built one of the world's most comprehensive genotype-phenotype databases, enabling deeper understanding of the genetic factors that cause or influence a range of human diseases.

                The Regeneron Genetics Center


                We encourage our pioneering scientists to regularly publish their research in leading scientific journals, including more than 100 in 2018 to date.

                Recent publications

                Regeneron Science Talent Search


                We consistently demonstrate our commitment to scientific excellence by including multiple Nobel Laureates and five members of the National Academy of Sciences in our leadership, as well as being one of the first companies to form a Science and Technology Committee as an integral component of its Board, a practice which has since become industry standard. We are also the proud sponsors of the Regeneron Science Talent Search.

                Our leadership

                UNITED IN DISCOVERY

                Along with our distinguished collaborators, we are uncovering cutting-edge scientific advances. Partner with our researchers and help turn science into life-changing medicine.

                Our collaborations

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