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                HAVE YET TO BE DEFINED

                Our robust research and development engine allows us to discover therapies that could have a profound impact on patient health.

                Explore our pipeline


                We are focused on solving the human body's most complex mysteries — from ophthalmology to cancer to inflammation to pain to cardiovascular disease.

                Our current research


                Our revolutionary technologies create unprecedented efficiencies with drug discovery and development.

                Our technologies

                GENETICS CENTER

                We are creating the world's most comprehensive genotype-phenotype database, enabling deeper understanding of the genetic factors that cause or influence a range of human diseases.

                The Regeneron Genetics Center


                Our pioneering scientists regularly publish their research in leading scientific journals, including 97 in 2017 alone.

                Recent publications

                The People Beind the Science: Regeneron Scientist, Meghan
                The People Beind the Science: Regeneron Scientist, Meghan

                A little girl sits in the backseat of her family car as her parents kick off the long drive from Michigan to the Grand Canyon. Gazing out the window, she listens as they rattle off the historic sites and national parks they will see along the way. She absorbs every word, beginning an ongoing journey of learning that will never stop.

                Read Meghan's story

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