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                Our commitment to patients extends well beyond our labs. We are proud to support the communities we serve, to embrace a culture and business model of patients over profits and to hold the highest ethical standards when it comes to patient well-being.


                Our FDA-approved medicines are one example of our ongoing resolve to address pressing health challenges.

                Learn more about our available medicines

                COMPASSIONATE USE

                Regeneron has established a Compassionate Use Policy to help provide access to an investigational medical product, with the required permission from a health regulatory authority.

                Learn more about our Compassionate Use policy

                ACCESS TO MEDICINES

                Our employees are focused on putting science, technology and innovation to work to make a difference in patients' lives. This effort starts in the labs, moves into the clinic and continues with our commitment to ensuring patients can access the therapies they need.

                Explore some of our patient support programs


                We proudly support the communities where we work and live, and that includes a company-wide commitment to environmental sustainability.

                Discover Regeneron in the Community


                One of the many programs we are honored to support is Rides in Sight, the largest national transportation database and hotline for those with vision loss.

                Find out more

                A COMMITMENT TO HEALTH

                We strive to address many serious medical conditions, including ophthalmology, cancer, eye diseases, inflammatory diseases, pain, cardiovascular diseases and allergic conditions.

                Explore our industry-leading research programs

                REGENERON NEWSROOM

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