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                MAKING A DIFFERENCE
                BEYOND OUR LABS

                In addition to our work to invent new and needed medicines, we are focused on improving our world and operating with the highest standards of integrity. This commitment underscores our philosophy of “doing well by doing good,” every day.

                FOSTERING THE
                FUTURE OF
                SCIENTIFIC TALENT

                Spanning preschool to postdoctoral, our Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs spark interest in science, enhance knowledge and catalyze careers in biotechnology.

                Science education

                GIVING BACK
                THROUGH CIVIC

                Powering positive community change starts with utilizing our employees’ passions, diverse talents and expertise to make a difference in our local communities. In addition to our year-round volunteer efforts, our signature global day of service, Day for Doing Good, mobilizes our colleagues around our commitment to strengthening our neighborhoods.

                Civic involvement


                Whether through volunteerism or going green, Regeneron employees engage on multiple levels to make a difference in our communities.

                See us in action


                We are committed to making a difference in patients' lives — from the clinic to patient care. We provide insurance eligibility support, financial assistance, free medicine to eligible patients, educational information and clinical support for healthcare providers. We are also proud to sponsor multiple organizations that provide critical services in support of patient needs.

                Our commitment


                Our integrity is central to our values. We empower our people to thrive personally and professionally, to work together to create positive change and to promote an ethical culture of diversity and inclusion.

                Our ethics
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